Financing and fundraising

12 January 2022

Starting and scaling up innovation
in the city food systems

Some FALs have asked to get more information about possible ways of getting funds for their innovators. This topic is very complex, as getting successful with fund raising and accessing financing requires many skills and knowledge.

This first webinar on the topic will be an introduction with short inputs from experts, and questions/answers short sessions. Participants will get basic knowledge about the specifications of setting up business models for social entrepreneurs, and a short introduction to 3 main sources of funds / finance: the crowdfunding, the impact investment, and the European funds.

To get deeper understanding and share their experiences in the funding/financing processes, the FALs will be invited to a next FAL2FAL webinar, on Friday 21 January, where there will be more time for deeper discussions, especially in the topics “business models for social entrepreneurs” and “crowdfunding”.

More FAL2FAL webinars on this topic will be organized in the future, based on expression of interest from the FALs.

• Gaining knowledge about the social entrepreneurship funding / financing logics and timing
• Discovering the impacts investment logics and opportunities
• Learning good practices in crowdfunding
• Learning about how to get involved in more European projects

Learning outcome
• At the end of this webinar, participants should have increased knowledge and capacities to raise funds and finance for the innovators involved in the FoodSHIFT2030 project.

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