Putting good food jobs at the heart of the economic recovery

28 October 2020

Read the latest report from SUSTAIN

The latest briefing released by consortium member, UK-based, Sustain, makes the case that good food, farming and fishing should be put at the heart of investment and policies to support an economic recovery, and make it a green, fair and healthy one.

The report, provided to FoodSHIFT 2030 by Ben Reynolds, Sustain’s Deputy Chief Executive, suggests that food and farming are being overlooked as mechanisms to drive economic recovery across the UK. And yet food, farming and fishing sectors, particularly those which are more environmentally sustainable and make healthier options more accessible, affordable and attractive, could with the right backing deliver on these benefits whilst also delivering on more jobs and better livelihoods.

Read the full article and download the report on the Sustain website, here.

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Report provided by Ben Reynolds - Deputy Chief Executive, Sustain