Validated Core Set of Foodshift Indicators

26 May 2022

D3.2 The following document contains a core set of indicators. Through measuring these indicators, the FALs (located in Athens, Avignon, Barcelona, Bari, Berlin, Brasov, Copenhagen, Ostend, and Wroclaw) will be able to assess the current state of their food system and the benefits of their food system innovations. The indicators selected and created, as part of this Deliverable (D3.2), will be later used in particular in the coming Task T3.4.

The following impact areas were examined: · Environmental Sustainability · Social sustainability and equity · Economic sustainability · Urban-rural integration · Vulnerability and resilience · Food governance.

What was concluded is that the FoodSHIFT2030 indicators, if used well, will be a tool that can be quite beneficial for the project as a whole, the FALs, and each of the partners and entities involved.