EU FOOD 2030 Project Family, by the numbers! 

31 August 2022


EU FOOD 2030 Project Family, by the numbers! 

Following up on the previous introduction to the EU FOOD 2030 Project Family and the five founding EU funded projects, FoodSHIFT 2030, FoodE, Food Trails, Fusilli and Cities 2030 comes a ‘by the numbers’ summary of the scale of this international mutli-actor network. Starting with over 50 million EUR being collectively awarded to the five projects from the EU Horizon programme.  

The highly diverse, multi-national EU FOOD 2030 Project Family includes over 140 funded partners operating in 26 countries. The five consortia are each different in their structure, but all have the same fundamental need for wide range of partners resulting in the representation of all types of food system actors including; start-ups, SMEs, NGOs, municipalities, governmental bodies, advocacy agents, researchers, collectives, producers, retailers, citizens policy-makers and impact investors. 

Of even more significance is the inclusion of 50 unique city-regions in 21 countries that have each received have funding for local innovators, initiatives, and in some cases, living labs. These city regions within the EU FOOD 2030 Project Family are listed below by country:  

  • The highest representation is 8 Italian city-regions (Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Milan, Naples, Rome, Turin and Vicenza) 
  • Next are 6 Spanish city-regions (Barcelona, Castelo Branco, Quart De Poblet, Sabadell, San Sebastian and Tenerife) 
  • The Netherlands and France each have 4 city-regions  (Amsterdam, Groningen, Haarlem and Lansingerland) and (Avignon, Bordeaux, Grenoble and Romainville) 
  • 2 city-regions for Belgium (Bruges, Ostend), Croatia (Rijeka, Velika Gorica), Finland (Seinäjoki, Tampere) and Germany (Berlin, Bremerhaven) 
  • 2 city-regions also for Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki), Norway (Longyearbyen, Oslo), Poland (Warsaw, Wroclaw), Romania (Brasov, Ia?i) and Slovenia (Ljubliana, Murska Sobota) 
  • Finally 1 city-region for Tirana in Albania, Troodos in Cyprus, Vidzeme in Latvia, Differdange in Luxembourg, Funchal in Portugal, Nilufer in Turkey and Birmingham In The United Kingdom. 

You can view all of the FOOD 2030 Project Family City-Regions on this map, and, there is plenty more where that came from as these figures are yet to include individual innovators, network organisations nor fellow/cascade cities of which there are many! 


Published by Luke Schafer 

FoodSHIFT 2030 Scientific Project Manager 


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