Regional Lunch for All Lab

Public procurement as a driver for a more regional, sustainable and healthy food system





Urban, Rural


About the ‘Regional Lunch for All’ Lab

Avignon FoodSHIFT Accelerator Lab is exploring the capacity of public procurement to be a driver to envision a city food strategy.


This Lab aims to increase the quality of meals served in school canteens and elderly catering, as well as, wishing to educate children on food (dietary choices, local and seasonal production) through their school canteen experience.


Focus areas:

  • Increase partnerships with local, organic and “green” food suppliers
  • Link health and nutrition using more fresh and plant-based products, banning the use of plastic containers and expanding the offer to a larger scope of guests
  • Fight against food waste and develop the recycling of bio-waste


Through the development of events, tool kits and resources in collaboration with research partners, the FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs will share their approaches and inspire us all to join a food systems shift.

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