Miki Royan

01 October 2021

Regenerative Engineer. Trained in urban networks, construction and hydraulics, after working in the construction sector, he has turned to environmental engineering, specializing in the material cycle. Trained as a master composter and soil biology laboratory analyst. Always maintaining an active life in volunteer coordination in projects of social inclusion and improvement of marginalized neighborhoods in the framework of the NGO Ingeniería Sin Fronteras Argentina.

Since his arrival in Barcelona, he has carried out master studies in Geographic Information Systems (UPC) and collaborates to this day with a leading role in the collective ConnectHort, a cultural urban garden located in Poblenou. Since 2019 he has co-founded and led the AbonoKm0, a comprehensive organic waste management service that is decentralized, local, participatory, educational and biotechnological.

Check his contribution to the Stakeholder Innovation Conference here!


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