Webinar: City-region perspectives on providing food for the vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis

19 August 2020

The COVID-19 crisis saw city-regions from across the world respond to the emergency in a number of ways, with some local initiatives truly standing out. The latter have the potential to inform other urban communities on how local and national governments, as well as the public sector, can ensure the most vulnerable have access to food, including those on very low income and in isolation.

FoodSHIFT 2030 presents its first public webinar on city-region responses to COVID-19, inviting participants to address the key aspects of establishing solidarity and citizen-driven initiatives to support resilience in local food systems. As part of the FoodSHIFT 2030 project, Ewoud Dutellie, from the municipality of Oostende, Belgium, and Hugues Fortuna, from the municipality of Avignon, France, share insights from the emergency responses in their respective areas. The webinar also invites a panel discussion with guest speakers Stefania Amato, Network Manager at C40, Kemi Akinola, chair of Wandsworth Food Partnership and CEO of Be Enriched and Brixton People’s Kitchen, and Ana Moragues-Faus, Senior Research Fellow at the University of Barcelona and visiting fellow at the Sustainable Places Institute at Cardiff University and author of paper ‘Distributive food systems to build just and liveable futures’ .

FoodSHIFT Webinar 1: Main PowerPoint slides

Powerpoint slide from Dirk Wascher:  Introducing the FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs


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