Ma! Condimentos vivos en Asia

01 August 2022

Ma! Condimentos vivos en Asia
Barcelona, Spain


Pure umami without chemicals or tricks, accomplished only by fermentation and time. Ma! is a fermentation dojo that combines ancestral Asian preservation traditions and A. oryzae fungi (Koji ) to create new flavours paired with best quality Iberian ingredients. By inoculating grains and local legumes with Koji, Ma! looks to recreate traditional Japanese flavours with a twist. Ma! belongs to the Slow Food Barcelona network and participates in Mercat de La Terra, Slow Food´s local market every Saturday, is present in 10 shops around Spain and her condiments are featured in more than 15 menus around Spain and Europe. Ma! offers workshops for people to learn, taste and discover fermentation and Asian culture at the same time. Her company also looks to employ personnel at risk, bi & poc people, and especially women heads of the family and the LGTBQ community.


Ma! hopes to be the benchmark in Spain on issues of production and elaboration of Asian products with excellence and transparency. A kind of food ambassador of a culture that is not always understood or well portrayed in this country. Ma! is now focusing on acquisition of sponsorships to rent a space for fermentations (upscaling).

More Information:
Contact Person: María José Mantilla
Email: [email protected]

Info about the Innovators and the Innovation portraits Catalogue

FoodSHIFT 2030 aims to launch an ambitious citizen-driven transition of the European food system towards a low carbon circular future, including a shift to less meat and more plant based diets. This transition is necessary in order to address the pressing challenges for food and nutrition security, contribute to the EU commitment of reducing GHG emissions by at least 40% by 2030, and revitalize urban-rural linkages and partnerships.

To do so, it establishes FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs for maturing, combining, upscaling and multiplying existing food system innovations across nine front-runner city-regions. In turn these innovations contribute to the FoodSHIFT vision.

An Innovation Catalogue called “Innovation Portraits” was created to snapshot each of the Food Innovations connected with each of the FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs (FALs) across the 9 city regions.

Info about the Innovation Portraits Catalogue

The Innovation Catalogue will snapshot each of the Food Innovations connected with each of the FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs (FALs) across the 9 city regions. Each FAL has a dedicated innovation focus and each chapter will present innovation cases from a particular FAL. For each of the innovations presented, a snapshot of the innovation concept and purpose will be given, alongside the key impacts the innovation has in relation to the FoodSHIFT Impact Pathways and the acceleration ambitions of the innovation.

In addition, each innovation portrait is also categorized according to its Innovation Dimension. These dimensions indicate what kind of innovation is being presented, and where in the value chain it plays a role. This is indicated by these tabs. The dimensions are defined as follows:

Product – Innovations in this category address new or updated products, including quality, safety and market impact.

Process – These innovations are relevant to new technologies for processing, logistical improvements, infrastructure and new/improved services.

Social – Innovations in this category are relevant to changes in behaviour (e.g. consumers/citizens), development of new relationships and inclusiveness.

Governance – The innovations address policy developments, including food planning, subsidies, taxing, certificates & labelling.

Learn more about all the Innovation portraits:



Our local FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs (FALs) have each identified 10 inspiring innovators from their city region that have developed sustainable solutions for the improvement of the food system in their area. Across these 90 innovators, there are diverse initiatives that are unique examples of how a food system can be transformed from the inside-out; ranging from Community Supported Agriculture, roof-top beekeeping, to fermented food projects. Read more information in the Innovation Portraits Knowledge Hub Post and view the full snapshot profiles of these innovators are provided in the Innovation Portraits.


Through the development of events, tool kits and resources in collaboration with research partners, the FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs will share their approaches and inspire us all to join a food systems shift.