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About the ‘City Agro-Park’ Lab

The Ostend FoodSHIFT Accelerator Lab has developed a food strategy for the city of Ostend, in which the newly developed agricultural park Gardens of Stene acts as the engine to stimulate the local food dynamics and raising awareness on ‘local food and healthy diet (see more on this page).


The city of Ostend promotes local production through concrete actions; fight food waste starting with there own central kitchen; facilitate a shift towards a more plant-based diet; work with the restaurants and catering sector on short food supply chains.


The Lab will also work to combat poverty supporting vulnerable societal groups in acquiring a more healthy diet and organizing more efficient redistribution of food surplus through the Foodsavers.

Take a look to the Ostend Lab’s work in the 2 videos on this page!


What’s next?

Ostend Lab has a lot going on, their plan is full of activities, some of them are the following (but there is much more!):

  • New initiatives develop in the Gardens of Stene laking it more and more lively. Most recently a new Food forest will be established by our innovator Buitengoed (provide link to Buitengoed).
  • The city’s central kitchen will further make the shift towards more plant-based dishes on the menu and is exploring possibilities for procurement of more organic and sustainable food options.
  • Innovator Tourism Oostende works closely with restaurants and chef’s to improve to vegetarian and vegan experience in Oostende. The third veggie challenge in March 2023 is a next perfect moment to put the restaurants in the spotlight. Also cooking workshop will be part of the challenge, focusing on sport & plant based food in 2023.
  • Citizens who showed interest to be involved in the food strategy of Ostend or who proposed a concrete action will be advised on how they can progress with there idea and make a change in the food system
  • Food bazars and restaurants will be introduced to local products and upscaling and optimizing the local foodchain will be discussed during an interactive workshop



On the below photo from right to left: Kathy Belpaeme (Ostend Lab), Christian Bugge Henriksen (FoodSHIFT Coordinator),  Gwenny Cooman (City of Ostend), Guy-Paul Libin (City of Ostend) and Dirk Wascher (FoodSHIFT Coordinator).


Through the development of events, tool kits and resources in collaboration with research partners, the FoodSHIFT Accelerator Labs will share their approaches and inspire us all to join a food systems shift.

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