Loic Le Goueff

03 October 2021

Environmental engineer with an early passion for science and environmental issues. Seeking to create his own project and have a positive impact on the food supply system, in parallel with his Masters studies in Barcelona he co-founded Aquapioneers (2015-2018) where he worked as CTO. The non-profit’s goal was to gain practical experience with aquaponics and raise awareness on this sustainable farming alternative.

Based on lessons learned and the drive to scale his impact, Loïc founded the company Green in Blue in 2019, the first company in Barcelona dedicated 100% to developing and implementing aquaponic solutions as a viable and competitive sustainable farming alternative. In addition to providing fresh fish and produce, the company works to empower changemakers around the world with their aquaponics consulting services. To make this happen, Green in Blue set out on the mission to provide state-of-the-art aquaponic farming systems to clients worldwide and setting up the first commercial aquaponic farm in Barcelona, due to open doors in December 2021.

Check his contribution to the Stakeholder Innovation Conference here!


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