Kitchen of Tomorrow Lab

Public procurement and professional kitchens for a sustainable regional food system, including rural and coastal areas



Greater Copenhagen


Coastal, Metropolitan, Rural


About the ‘Kitchen of Tomorrow’ Lab

The Copenhagen FoodSHIFT Accelerator Lab reconnects urban and rural areas, including coastal, by developing food actor networks and dialogue. It will focus on the developing models for public authorities on climate friendly food policies and strategies focusing on season, reducing waste and shifting to a more plant based diet. Capacity building among food producers in rural and coastal areas and restaurants will have the aim of using gastronomy as a way to promote a sustainable plant based regional food system. The Lab will also work with public kitchens and restaurants with the aim of converting menus to promote sustainable plant based regional food system with a special focus on season and reducing waste.


It also aims to cooperate with public authorities for the implementation of circular economy solutions for using leftovers in kitchens for innovative food products and feed.

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