Policy recommendations funding of Food System Living Labs

08 November 2023

Recommendations to emphasize the need for a systemic shift in food systems, supported by financial frameworks, funding strategies, and a recognition of the broader societal value of Food System Living Labs (FSLLs) as sites for transformational learning. The brief highlights four main areas for policy support:

Establish match-funding mechanisms between municipalities/ regions and European Union institutions to support Food System Living Labs

Integrate Sustainable Food Systems at the level of municipalities into the 2023-24 reform process of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 

Identify and utilise transitional funding to bridge funding gaps in combination with continued stimulation of public-private partnerships for long term investment 

Initiate a paradigm shift away from linear, externalisation and cost-price-driven economic models towards more circular, inclusive and fair-price approach 

Here is a sneak-peak at the recommendations included:

  • Shift from project-based to institutional finance for FSLL upscaling.
  • Commitments between municipalities and EU for mid-term and long-term FSLLs
  • Revise ‘fairer income support’ for inclusivity and plant-based transformation.
  • Use CAP funding to reward FSLL actors and facilitate innovation.
  • Prioritize existing CAP funding for FSLL policies in line with the European Green Deal.
  • Engage investors and foster public-private partnerships for transformative change.
  • Invest in scaling FSLL innovations for systemic change.
  • Recognize the value of community-centered initiatives and social enterprises.

A joint summary of underlying collective works by over 140 organisations, from 26 countries and over 50 city-regions participating in the five projects as part of the EU FOOD 2030 Project Family – FoodSHIFT 2030, FoodE, Food Trails, FUSILLI and Cities 2030.

Blog post author, Luke Schafer

Read the full document here

In the recent FoodSHIFT 2030 Policy Conference, the Policy Report was presented together with the results of the project through the lenses of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy and the FOOD 2030 Policy Framework.

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